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I traveled to Cape Town for a World Conference that my church, Every Nation, hosts in different locations ever 3 years. It was my first time in attendance and I was taken aback by how uplifting this overall experience was, not only in the beauty of the country – a safari, tour of the beautiful cape, wineries in Stellenbosch, the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg – but also in the presence of other Christians worshiping God together in the realness and authenticity of their passion for spreading the good news and living for something much bigger than themselves.

I found this to be true in the culture of South Africans too. In both Cape Town and Johannesburg I felt that the culture was unsettled and uncomfortable. Not in the sense that you couldn’t exist there peacefully but that to be there you were electing, whether consciously or not, to a greater knowledge of the countries history and current social issues. The quality of school education, government corruption, infrastructure and, still, a divided society are the topics that came up while I chatted with some locals and all of this with underpinnings of the upcoming US election where we all tried to convince ourselves that there’s no way a candidate like Trump could win, or could he?

Not to get political but I say all of this to point out how every country has its struggles and while most Americans have the privilege of saying “at least we have democracy” or “at least we’re first world”, that same privilege comes with immense responsibility. We can take and experience the beauties and riches of this world, and even thrive on the backs of those who struggled before us, but a place like South Africa taught me that the struggle is ours too and there’s still room to make this world an even better place.

October 2016

Where should I go next? Perhaps Argentina.

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