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Hello, I’m Akua, a Ghanaian-American marketing professional turned digital nomad traveling the world with the mission to share my insights with you.

Since you’re here, I’m going to guess that like me, you’re curious about different cultures or passionate about travel in some way. You’ve come to the right place!

Launched in 2016, When In is a platform for sharing my unique cultural perspective on my ongoing travel experiences and snapshots I’ve gathered from years of journeying across the globe. As a solo traveler and digital nomad, most recently working for Remote Year to help remote professionals transition to living out their work and travel dreams, my adventures have spanned the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa in search of knowledge and insight.

Whether you’re looking for a deeper understanding of the culture in top travel destinations around the world or to grab inspiration for your upcoming excursion, you’ll find a home here.

How did this become my passion?


Talking remote work and life abroad at the Las Morenas De España Retreat in Javea, Spain.


While living in New York City, I resolved at the turn of the new year 2015 to travel – as many places as my wallet (and vacation days at the time) would allow. It was shaky at first because I didn’t know what traveling really was back then. Do I beg my family to fund a yearly vacation? Do I road trip on a motorcycle around the country? Do I book one of those cruises where you pay a little extra to go solo? Err. Perhaps. Maybe later? I had traveled before but not with the freedom to plan the journey. I steadily moved forward with one idea at a time – my mom mentioned a family reunion in London in March 2015 (perfect timing!), a close friend and I randomly picked a country in Europe that we’d never visited (Spain – vale!) and the Women’s World Cup in Canada was fast approaching and it had always been a dream of mine to attend and one day be a part of it (U-S-A!).

Thus my travel journey truly began: from New York City to Hamburg, Barcelona, Seattle, Buenos Aires and beyond. I couldn’t help but feed off of the cultures I experienced through language, art, architecture, food, music, soccer and nature. I was feeling a sense of inspiration and creativity that I never felt before. With a camera around my neck and a notepad in my pocket, I was on the go, go go!

But then everyday life had a way of speaking to me. So, I spoke right back in the tone of quitting my day job to pursue my personal growth goals of being immersed in a new language and culture. I joined Maximo Nivel in Peru and continued to travel the world, ultimately leading to my position as a digital nomad.

So maybe you…

  • Are at a crossroads with your career and your travel goals.
  • Would like to work remotely but don’t know how to go about the transition.
  • Have planned a few trips on your own and are ready to travel deeper.
  • Want to understand how a place looks outside of a Google image search.
  • Have the itch to see the world but your buddies are too busy to travel with you.
  • Dream of traveling to far-flung places but are a little iffy based on what you’ve heard or read.
  • Are an avid traveler and need more inspiration.

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So it all really started in a place called Ghana

© Copyright 2016 Akua Sencherey. All rights reserved. Photos by Tanya Weekes.

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