Hello, I’m Akua, an American advertising professional turned digital nomad traveling and working remotely with Remote Year.

I’ve been going to far-flung places and taking pictures for a few years now and realized that I’ve had too many experiences and musings not to share my perspective with the world. Thus I created When In to tell the stories of these journeys in visual and anecdotal form. This is less of a travel guide (although you will see bolded sites and restaurants) and more of an in-the-moment point of view.

How did I get to where I am now?


While living in New York City, I resolved at the turn of the new year 2015 to travel – as many places as my wallet (and vacation days at the time) would allow. It was shaky at first because I didn’t know what traveling really was back then. Do I beg my family to fund a yearly vacation? Do I road trip on a motorcycle around the country? Do I book one of those cruises where you pay a little extra to go solo? Err. Perhaps. Maybe later? I had traveled before but not with the freedom to plan the journey. I steadily moved forward with one idea at a time – my mom mentioned a family reunion in London in March 2015 (perfect timing!), a close friend and I randomly picked a country in Europe that we’d never visited (Spain – vale!) and the Women’s World Cup in Canada was fast approaching and it had always been a dream of mine to attend and one day be a part of it (U-S-A!).

Thus my travel journey truly began: from New York City to Hamburg, Barcelona, Seattle, Buenos Aires and beyond! I couldn’t help but feed off of the cultures I experienced through language, art, architecture, food, music, soccer and nature. I was feeling a sense of inspiration and creativity that I never felt before. With a camera around my neck and a notepad in my pocket, I was on the go, go go!

But then everyday life had a way of speaking to me. So, I spoke right back in the tone of quitting my day job to pursue my personal growth goals of travel and learning a new language.  I joined a cultural immersion program in Peru, moved back to my parents’ place (#shameless), and continued to travel the world, ultimately leading to my position at Remote Year.

So, here I am writing to you from wherever it is that I am today.

I hope you do enjoy the adventures and are inspired to travel deeper.


So it all really started in a place called Ghana


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