Hello, I’m Akua! I worked as an Account Manager at a content marketing company but recently quit my job to learn Spanish in Peru. I’ve been going places and taking pictures for a while and realized that I’ve had too many experiences (and pictures) not to share with the world. Thus I created When In to tell the stories of these experiences visually and through some anecdotes from my written travel journal. It’s less so a guide than it is a perspective. If you need a bit of inspiration for your next trip, you’ll find it here. If you are curious about Honky Tonk in Nashville or what a city in Morocco completely painted in blue looks like, you’ll find that here. Or if you’re an old friend who has traveled with me, you’ll find yourself here because those candids came out great!

It wasn’t always that way, me traveling the world over…



I resolved at the turn of the new year 2015 to travel – as many places as my wallet (and vacation days) would allow. It was shaky at first because I didn’t know what traveling really was. Do I beg my family to fund a yearly vacation? Do I road trip on a motorcycle around the country? Do I book one of those cruises where you pay a little extra to go solo? Err. Perhaps. Maybe later? I’ve traveled before but not with the freedom to plan the journey. I steadily moved forward with one idea at a time – my mom mentioned a family reunion in London in March (perfect timing!), a close friend and I randomly picked a country in Europe that we’d never visited (Spain – bueno!) and the Women’s World Cup in Canada was fast approaching and it had always been a dream of mine to attend and one day be a part of it (U-S-A!).


Thus my travel journey began: from New York City to Hamburg, Barcelona, Seattle, Buenos Aires and beyond! I couldn’t help but feed off of the cultures I experienced through language, art, architecture, food, music, soccer and nature. I was feeling a sense of inspiration and creativity that I never felt before. With a camera around my neck and a notepad in my pocket, I continue to go places, take pictures and tell stories.

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So it all started in a place called Ghana

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